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Each week, we will be randomly drawing a name to win either:
– a piece of game artwork from award winning comic book artist Nathan Massengill
– a high detail, 3D printed game piece model kit – not assembled and unpainted
– an Incursion: America T-Shirt featuring the the art of Nathan Massengill

Look for our Kickstarter launch in the Spring of 2019!

Incursion: America is a new and exciting tabletop miniatures war game set in a horrific near-future. Join us as we playtest our rules, complete our art, and develop incredible 3D models.


In a day, everything changed. The world is in chaos. Exact events that lead to the collapse are unclear. What is known is early one December morning, nuclear explosions destroyed many cities across the United States. No one knows how the devices were delivered, though many believe they were driven to city centers in a truck or shipping container. Many terrorist organizations and rogue nations took credit. With the US Government in shambles, no credible investigation took place. The true mastermind behind these attacks is unknown. It is estimated that 32 million people died that day. Many millions more died in the coming months from radiation poisoning, starvation, and the cold of winter.

Electromagnetic pulses from these explosions knocked out the electrical power grid. Water, food, and gas are in short supply. There is no television or internet. News travels via a few radio operators and word of mouth. Martial law has been declared. US Army Reservists have been deployed to stop looting and violence in the streets.


Our Cheat Sheet guide is only 2 pages long, anyone can learn to play in a matter of minutes.


Short games take an average of 30-45 minutes from start to finish.


Nathan Massengill is the artist on the Incursion: America team. Nathan’s work includes Marvel ComicsDeadpool and DC Comics‘ the Justice Society of America.




The World is at War

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