How To Play: Setup

Incursion: America is designed to be simple to play, fast paced, and realistic. Two players design their armies and compete against each other to complete missions. The flow of each game is shown in the diagram below.

What You Need To Play:

  • Your Army (10, 20, or 50 pts)
  • Mission Card
  • Game Mat
  • 5 Obstacles (typically buildings)
  • 10 and 6 Sided Dice

Let’s walk through the block diagram…

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There are 3 different sized games, 10 points, 20 points, and 50 points.


  • Build Army: The cost for each game piece is found in the upper right corner of the card. Choose a number of game pieces whose total equals the determined game size.
  • Mission: Each player brings 1 Mission card of the determined game size.
  • Obstacles: Each player brings 5 obstacles to the game. Some obstacles cost points so make sure you include them in your point total.


Each player roll a 10 sided dice (1d10). The player with the higher number is the Primary Player. The other player is the Secondary Player. If tied, continue to roll until there is a winner.


The mission for this game is selected by the Secondary Player from the missions brought by the Primary and Secondary Players.


The Players alternate placing Obstacles on the game board, starting with the Primary Player, until all 10 Obstacles are placed. Obstacles must be placed lined up and inside the game board squares. They may not be placed in either Deployment Zone. They must be at Range >=3 from all other obstacles.


The Primary Player deploys all of his army’s game pieces in his/her Deployment Zone. Unless stated otherwise on a Mission Card, the Deployment Zone is within 6 squares from his/her board edge. Once the Primary Player has deployed his/her entire army, the Secondary Player deploys his/her entire army in his/her deployment zone. Unless stated otherwise on a Mission Card, the Deployment Zone is within 6 squares from his/her board edge.

We’re all set and ready to play …