About Us


We’ve been playing games for a long time! We love gaming. But many games can be frustrating. Most are expensive. Others have complicated rules. Or the rules keep changing. Many games are so slow, don’t feel like fast paced combat, and take an afternoon to play.

Several years ago, we set out to create a game that took the best traits of our favorite games and eliminated things we didn’t like. We wanted an inexpensive game with easy rules that had the fast pace feel of combat. It’s almost here!

So What Did We Keep?

Amazing Art

Our favorite games have beautiful art that draw our imaginations into an alternate world. We are proud that Nathan Massengill is the artist on the Incursion: America team. You have seen Nathan’s work throughout the comic industry including Marvel Comics Deadpool and DC Comics the Justice Society of America. Our game cards, rules, and website will all feature his amazing work.


Beautifully Painted Detailed Models

What draws you into a miniature wargame is seeing realistic 3D game pieces move across the board and interacting with each other. We’ve hired professional 3D modelers to turn our art into highly detailed 3D models. Whether you want to see your army wreak havoc across the game board, you love to paint, or you collect cool minis, our models are designed to impress. Clay Williams and the artists at M3Paints Studio are also on the Incursion: America team. We soon will be posting Play Test and Battle Report videos featuring Clay’s beautifully painted models.


The Story

The best games have a rich backstory that immerses you and your army in another world. Incursion: America is set in a plausible yet horrific near-future. Have you ever asked, “Why are these two armies fighting?” Friendly games and tournaments can use campaigns to string missions together to unfold the future. Heroes are an important part of the game that bring unique abilities to your army. Live the adventures of heroes like Alice Wright and Timur Molotov as they lead your army into battle.

Most game worlds are stagnant. Incursion: America’s world will transform with future releases. Our website will feature a feedback system where players can tell us about their game results. Who won? What objectives were taken? What characters died? The answers to these questions will inform the next expansion of the game. You, the player community, will shape the game’s direction.

Realistic Rules

We’ve spent years play testing and changing the rules to make combat realistic yet simple.  Games are typically less than 10 turns. Vehicles lose weapons as they are damaged. Buildings can be destroyed. There are penalties for firing at long range. Personnel can board and take over enemy vehicles and buildings. Our streamlined rules are realistic and make each turn fast paced – just like real combat.

What Did We Fix?

Easy Rules

We all want our games to be realistic. But too much realism means complex rules that are hard to remember. Taking time to look up rules in a thick book slows the game. We’ve been play testing our game system for several years. Rules that don’t really change the outcome of the game have been eliminated. Though we have a longer rule book with lots of detail, all game rules fit on a two sided “cheat sheet” for quick reference.

Interactive Terrain:

How many times has your mighty machine of war bristling with deadly weapons been unable to attack a target because a flimsy building is in the way? In Incursion: America, buildings are part of the game. Not only can you use them as cover, but your personnel can take up positions in them and they can be blown off the game board!

Fast Games

Most miniature wargames take hours (sometimes an entire afternoon). Incursion: America has a tiered gaming system that allows you to play smaller games that can be over in about 15 minutes! Too short? Don’t worry. Larger games with more miniatures can be as long as you want.

Low Cost

Most games require you to buy lots of stuff. Expansion packs, rule books, and terrain can cost lots of money. Incursion: America’s Starter Box will come complete with everything you need to play a game. The Starter Box cost target price is $100. Of course we will have affordable expansion packs to provide you with different game pieces and new capabilities. But the starter box is all you need to play.

Our Journey

For years we’ve been designing a game that is fun, fast, and inexpensive. Now we’d like to invite you to join us as we work our way towards our Kickstarter launch in 2020. Please Subscribe so you can get updates on our progress or visit us on Facebook.