How To Play: Building Your First Battle Force

Your Battle Force is what you bring as a player to a game of Incursion: America. It consists of 3 pieces – 1 mission card, an Army, and 3 Obstacles. The size of your army and the mission card you select must match the game level you and your opponent agreed to. There may also be special events where the game size and missions have been selected for you, but this is the standard flow to build your Battle Force.

Game Size:

There are 3 different game sizes to select from:

  • Reconnaissance – 10 Points
  • Skirmish – 20 Points
  • Combat – 50 Points

Mission Card:

Mission Card Example

Mission Cards are double sided. The front contains the Primary Player mission setup, rules during game play, and victory conditions. The back contains the Secondary Player mission
setup, rules during game play, and victory conditions. The image (left) is an example.

  • Briefing Block: flavor text to give the player context on what the mission is about.
  • Setup Block: defines the point total for the mission and any other special activity needed to place game pieces, markers, timing dice or anything else uniquely needed for this mission.
  • Game Play Block: List of special rules in effect during the course of this game.
  • Victory Conditions: Defines the game conditions necessary for either player to win.

Each player selects any one mission card that matches the agreed to game size.


Each player must select a faction. While it is more realistic for players to pick different factions, it is legal for both players to have the same faction.

An Army is made up of Units. Select a Unit card or cards.

Then select a combination of game pieces and upgrades from the selected faction whose cost totals the point cost allowed on the Mission Card.

Be careful to make sure you have all the pieces needed to operate your army. As an example, the Viper (above) requires a pilot to operate. Make sure there is a pilot in your army.


Most obstacles are buildings, but almost anything could be an obstacle – broken down vehicles, walls, pipelines, etc. In most tabletop games, these would be terrain. Choose 3 obstacles that will match the game style of your army. Do you need tall buildings to hide behind? Short buildings that you can shoot over? Buildings that are easy to destroy? The obstacles you bring will shape the battle.